We guarantee a safe and pleasant stay!

Dear Guests,

following the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak, as always it has been, we couldn’t leave aside the health safety of our guests. To ensure the health of our guests, the hotel management is closely monitoring all the updates from the World Health Organisation(WHO), European Medicine Association (MEA) and NPHO (National Public Health Organization ) and applies all the official hygiene and cleaning guidelines and protocols issued by the Ministry of Health and the Greek Goverment.


Please, before you reserve your room, take a brief moment and carefully read the following instructions:


Health inspection certificates

Health Safety protocols are applied. Our hotel is certified & follows the Government’s guidelines.



Cleaning Protocols & Products / Housekeeping Procedure
All the products we use to clean and disinfect our areas are meeting the highest international standards and are approved for their effectiveness from the NOM (National Organization for Medicines)

    Guest Rooms


    All the  bed linen and towels are renewed and completely sterilized because we use high-end gear to ensure the elimination of all pathogens in the guest room ( UV lamps, chloride products etc). Our linen and towels are washed over 78o and treated according to safety protocols.


    Decorative fabrics, hotel folders and similar stuff have been removed from our rooms for safety reasons.


    Room cleaning service will be provided every third day of stay, as well as the change of linen and towels*,  according to safety protocols, in order to eliminate contact as much as possible, for your and our staff safety.


    *Towels and emergency cleaning will be provided upon request

      Public Spaces

      • The cleaning and disinfection procedures are applied more frequently on the public areas, such as the front desk, the restaurant, the lobby areas, the corridors etc.


      • Hand disinfectants have been placed in all common areas


      • We are following the strictest purification and sanitizing standards for ventilation and air-conditioning systems and for purifying water and pools.
      • Pool sunbeds – We provide fresh towels washed under the appropriate temperatures, in order to be used safely from each of our guests .After the usage, the sun loungers are disinfected according the hygiene protocols.
      • Pool usage – Our personnel control about the number of the swimmers who will be able to swim on the same time.
        1. Check-in & Check-out Policy
          According to the new regulations, the check-in time is altered to 15:00 pm and the check-out to 11:00 am, so each room will be cleaned, disinfected and aired properly.
          We encourage all our guests to use our WEB Check-in services to avoid needless contact upon arrival.(
      1. Food & Beverage Operations
      • We are certified of compliance to all the HACCP & GMP procedures.
      • Our staff is properly trained and follow the safety protocols in every action.


      1. Social Distancing Rules

      We inform and encourage all our guests to keep the appropriate social distancing rules indoors and outdoors of our premises.

      Special floor markers to ensure the proper distancing – furniture has been moved, all to help guests maintain social distancing and to clear alignment with the government directions

      6. Health & Safety protocols for our staff

      • Our staff has been trained – according to their duties – in COVID 19 protection and prevention, appropriate use of Personal protective equipment, and implementation of emergency action plans.
      • Our staff body temperature is being daily monitored and a back up history check is being held on the Front Desk.
      • All hotel employees have access to the equipment needed to do their work with maximum health guarantees.
      • Equipment required for suppliers – all suppliers accessing the hotel must follow the required safety measures.
      1. Affiliate Doctor upon request
        Our property is in collaboration with a well trained and certificated Doctor (also for COVID-19 cases), who is responsible for any medical emergency 24/7.8. Rent a Car Services
        All the arranged transfer before the arrival of a guest or as requested by an in-house guest, will take place under the health and safety regulations. We in cooperation with the agency ensure that:
      • Maximum limit of guests is applied (depending the capacity of the vehicle)


      • Appropriate cleaning procedure of the vehicle is followed before and after the service


      Please note that:

      • We kindly oblige you to inform us if you notice any symptom, even if they are minor so we can act fast and protect your and our health.
      • You are responsible to inform us if you think that you have been in contact with a potential COVID-19 infected person.

      *The above measures are valid until further notice and may be updated following the instructions issued by the Greek government. We would like you to know that we do whatever is necessary to ensure that you will have a safe stay. Trust our team, we know what we do. Have a beautiful summer and prefer Inspira for your vacation. You worth it.